How to Apply the Huawei site kit?


A site kit is an element used on applications to assist developers in allowing people to use their sites. The Huawei site kit, in particular, helps to direct app developers to location-based services that can make their apps applicable and accessible to more users. The Huawei site kit features more than a hundred million worth of data from more than 200 locations and nations. Below are some applications of site kit by Huawei;

Applications of the Huawei site kit

The Huawei site kit can be applied in the following scenarios;

  • The site kit helps developers to create an app that users can apply while searching for keywords. The site kit allows apps like Google keep a record of all manner and keywords types that have been explored by the user at any time. By doing so, every time a user enters a keyword, all other commonly used words and phrases related or similar to the keyword pop up. This is one of the most common applications of the Huawei site kit.
  • The site kitis also applied in apps and features used to search for a location. The Huawei site kit features a global coverage of more than 200 countries and regions. This means that with the site kit, you can search for the nearest locations from whichever of the 200 countries and territories. The kit uses the current location detected by the user’s devices to come up with a list of nearby places. For instance, users can search for the nearest mall from either of the areas and countries covered by the site kit.
  • In addition to searching for the nearest location, the Huawei site kit can also search for details on certain places. The kit does not only contain geographical location details. It also features details of the most popular sites in each region (you think of any) and countries it covers. This means that if a user is in a new country and looking for an excellent place to visit, the site kit will enable the user to get directions to the area. It will give you some vital information, like what to expect when you visit the place. The details provided include the weather, why the site is a landmark, its highlights, and directions.
  • The site kit is also used by app developers on maps to assist with place search suggestions. When you search for a place or location, many are times when you get hints for similar areas. The site kit is responsible for this feature.

Who can use the Huawei site kit?

The Huawei site kit is applicable for all developers who wish or specialize in android apps development. Additionally, not all androids can host this feature. It works on android versions 4.0.3 or later ones. It is also worth noting that the site kit is restricted in China and does not contain any information about the Chinese mainland.

Final Word

Developers worldwide love the Huawei site kit because it offers a wide range of applications, as named above. Their geo capabilities are also advantageous and will help you big in pulling real time data from different regions in the world.

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