What Should You Look for in a Smartwatch?


Smartwatches have been trending as of late. Seemingly simple devices wrapped around your wrist, they got the best out of your curiosity, and now you’re willing to dive in. However, once you took a step in, you realize that there are many choices to choose from. How do you know that you need an Honor Watch ES or an Apple Watch or a Samsung Tizen watch? We’re here to help you decide!

Operating System

Knowing your target operating system can eliminate many wearables from your choices. You want your smartwatch to be compatible with your phone since your smartwatch is usually used to complement your phone. Of course, the Apple Watch is only compatible with the iPhone, but other smartwatches can work with iPhones. Android phones work well with WearOS. Keep this in mind as you shop around; this quickly becomes the most important factor to consider.

Fitness Tracking

This is highly likely the reason why you even considered smartwatches. The ability to keep track of your workout routines and see your progress is appealing for the health-conscious. Most smartwatches have sensors that detect heart rate, steps taken, paired with algorithms to calculate the number of calories you’ve burned. Most of them also have fitness apps that guide you to do exercises. You can look around and see which smartwatches offer the exercises that you want to do.


The design of the smartwatch does not just mean its physical look. As a device, it’s going to be on your wrist, so you need to consider comfort as a factor. Most smartwatches offer swappable bands made of different materials so that you can pick the one you want.

While you’re at it, you would also want a smartwatch that looks great. You have rounded or rectangular watch designs to choose from, which can be picked by preference.


If you weren’t into the fitness side of smartwatches, then you might have been tempted to use it for notifications. Almost all smartwatches should support notifications at a basic level (viewing) and to some extent, media playback controls. However, some don’t support replying. You should check if the smartwatch you want supports this feature or not.

Battery Life

Although digital watches last long, smartwatches don’t share this trait. At first, smartwatches barely lasted for a day. However, nowadays, they can last for a week or more. If they ever only last for a day, they compensate by being able to charge them up relatively fast. You will want to consider your potential use and see from there how much battery life you expect.


Smartwatches revolve around personalized convenience. If you want to keep track of your workout routines or see your notifications at a single glance without pulling your phone, then these devices can be for you. Often, their main purpose is to complement your smartphone experience. Therefore, you should understand how you want your experience to be improved. The options available right now are not as expansive, but it’s enough to give you choices to think about.

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