The Ultimate Team Guide to Earn FIFA 21 Coins


The main concern of many FIFA 21 gamers is to earn coins. As Noble as this seems, it may be tough to earn tangible coins if you don’t know how to go about it. This post shall consider five sure ways of earning FIFA 21 coins┬ávia the Ultimate Team.

  1. Complete Season Objectives

In previous versions of FIFA Ultimate Team, it’s possible to earn decent coins after completing daily objectives. However, FIFA 21 comes with the upgraded season objectives. Tasks may include battle-pass, time-bound quests, and preset challenges.

Most of these objectives give incentives in the form of XP or coin bonus. XP points are often used to multiply the number of coins received from each game. As such, completing season objectives helps players accumulate points and coins.

  1. Bronze Pack

You can make a low-risk investment in FIFA 21 by purchasing bronze packs and reselling the contents at a higher price. For instance, you can buy a bronze pack (400 coins) or a premium bronze pack (750 coins) and wait until the price appreciates before you sell. Note that some prices on some bronze packs may take months before they appreciate substantially. Hence, this is a long-term strategy for earning coins.

  1. Anticipate Live SBCs

Occasionally, Live Squad Building Challenges will surface, presenting you the opportunity to earn more coins. You can participate in various challenges. However, the rewards for the challenges may differ significantly. For instance, some promo SBCs may require players from a particular club, such as Arsenal. This means if you have Arsenal player cards, those cards will be worth much more than the regular market price. Hence, if you have bought one Arsenal player for 750 coins, you may eventually sell at 1000 coins and above.

  1. Qualify for FUT Champions

Although many players hate the idea of investing in gold packs since they can acquire them by winning in their divisions and squad battles. Gold packs can help you purchase better players to improve your team and win more games. When you perform excellently in division rivals, you get to qualify for the FUT Champions. Herein lies the best reward of FIFA 2021.

At FUT Champions, you compete with other players online for a chance to win massive bonuses. The bonuses are determined by how many consecutive games you win. You also get 400 Division Rival points whether you win a game or not.

  1. Flip players on the market

With this strategy, you find players who are currently selling at lower prices but can increase in value in the future. Add 1% of the present value of the target player to cover for EA tax. Find your total cost for acquiring the player. Add your desired profit and keep checking the market every week to see if the player’s value has risen enough for you to make a profit. This strategy often requires a long waiting time. Flip more players to improve your chances of earn coins faster than buying a single player.


Use any of the five strategies above to earn FIFA 21 coins through the Ultimate Team. You may also combine all the strategies to win massive points and bonus coins.

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