Solitaire Versions You Did Not Know About


To most enthusiasts, the term “solitaire” refers to a very identifiable kind of card game, known by the Brits as simply “Patience” or “Klondike.” The truth is that there are more than twenty different versions of Solitaire. However, the card game’s massive popularity caught on after Microsoft chose to include it in its 1990 release of the popular Windows operating system. Since then, lovers of the game have discovered other more popular versions of the pastime, including numerous offline solitaire games. Among all the different types of Solitaire enjoyed around the world, Klondike is still the best known. These games share many similarities, including that they are designed to be played by one person at a time; “solitaire” – get it? Let’s focus on the most popular types of Solitaire.

1. Klondike Solitaire

This is the most popular type of offline solitaire game globally, and most people mean Klondike when they talk about Solitaire. It is also a game involving the rapid sorting of cards, which are quickly moved between columns. The player is supposed to place the cards in order by four card piles, separated by suit. The world’s most popular version of Solitaire makes use of a 52-card deck where the goal is to arrange the cards by suit ending with a King and starting with the Ace.

2. Spider Solitaire

Spider solitaire is an extremely popular version of the card game. The game’s catchy name is derived from the eight legs of a spider. It alludes to the eight separate foundation piles that a player must correctly fill to win. Incorporating deep analysis into spider solitaire makes it even more intriguing and challenging and even became President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s favorite pastime.

3. Freecell

Out of all the popular solitaire versions, Freecell most closely resembles Klondike solitaire. However, the main difference is that Freecell requires a lot more strategizing and thought compared to Klondike. On the other hand, among all the Solitaire versions, Freecell has some of the most solvable odds in the game. Freecell utilizes a single deck with cards split into seven piles. The difference with other versions of Solitaire is that all the cards in a pile are dealt with, there are no stockpiles. As always, the objective of Freecell is also to build the foundations by suit. A great difference is that in Freecell, there are four empty spaces on the tableau, which are known as “free cells.”

4. Pyramid solitaire

The name of this brand of Solitaire is derived from the shape of the cards dealt on the tableau. It has simple layouts and rules, yet it is one of the toughest forms of Solitaire in existence. To achieve victory, a player must have a strategic approach, and it also depends on the positioning of the cards on the tableau. The chances of winning a game of pyramid solitaire are one in fifty.

5. Tripeaks

This form of Solitaire derives its name from the shape of the card display on the tableau. Other common names for this brand of Solitaire include Triple Peaks, Tri Towers, or Three Peaks.


Solitaire is a world-famous pastime, with many dedicated players around the world. The types of offline solitaire games include Klondike, Freecell, and Tripeaks.

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