What Is An International Plug Adapter


An adapter, known in French as an adaptateur, is a device or circuitry that allows one type of device to communicate with each other. For instance, an adapter allows a computer to connect and communicate with other devices like printers and gaming consoles. Adapters come in different models, one of which is the plug adapters.

Plug adapters are often confused with standard adapters. Plug adapters are accessories used to allow a three-prong cord to get into a two-slot outlet. Plug adapters are also known as electrical or outlet adapters since they help provide power to appliances or devices. Plug adapters also come in a wide range of models. International plug adaptersĀ are some of the most popular models of plug adapters.

An explanation of international plug adapters

Electronics are some of the standard essentials that people carry with them when traveling around the world. All of these electronics, except those that use exchangeable batteries, all need to get recharged. The last thing any traveler wants is to have their electric gadgets like phones and tablets run out of charge, especially since this means that you can no longer use them.

However, when traveling abroad, you need to note that not all outlets are the same in different countries. Your regular charger may not match the existing outlet (socket) in the place you are traveling to. Therefore, when traveling, you need to carry an international plug adapter that will allow you to charge your devices in any outlet.

In addition to charging your accessories like phones, laptops, cameras, and tablets, plug adapters also come in handy when you want to use items like hair dryers that you carried with you from home.

Why do you need an international plug adapter?

Below are some of the primary reasons why you need an international plug adapter;

  • Different countries across the globe use different electrical outlets. Therefore, the outlet may not mat the exact configurations as those in your country. This means that you may not be able to plug in your gadgets and accessories without an international plug adapter. For this reason, you need a plug adapter that will allow you to plug your devices into the wall outlet in any country.
  • The electric voltages used in different countries differ. Therefore, some electronic devices from your home country may not be able to withstand the voltages in the countries you are visiting.

In this case, international plug adapters will come in handy. They will function as converters or transformers for the voltage going into your gadgets. However, not all international plug adapters offer this element. Sometimes, depending on your needs, you may have to get a separate converter to use with your adapter.


Note that travel or international plug adapters do not convert the power supply from an electric outlet most of the time. This means that an international plug adapter’s primary role is to allow you to plug your gadgets and devices into foreign electric outlet configurations. Therefore, if you are looking for an adapter that can also act as a converter, you may want to specify this to the seller before making a purchase.

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