How to build a user friendly app


If you are thinking about entering the business of app development, you should make sure that the app is user-friendly. One of the top features that you can add to your app to make it user-friendly is to add a viable payment solution system. You can buy in app purchase android system developed by Huawei. There are other ways to make it user friendly which I will discuss in the following sections. But first, you should know what the term user-friendly means.

What does the term user-friendly mean?

User friendly means that the app should be simple and easy to use. It also means that it should be developed as such that the customer may rely on it. If you are making it complex, it is not going to add value for users. Have a finely tuned user experience (UX) and a nice looking user interface (UI). User Interface means that the interface of the app should be well-optimized for a targeted group of people.

The app should be useful

The best way to make the app user friendly is to make it useful for the users. A mobile application has to be helpful to the user like in terms of saving time, money, and making his or her life easy. Think about what value your business is adding to the life of people. If you are selling watches to people, you can create a blog in the app to feed the readers with the latest and vintage information about mobile apps.

You can first test the new feature on your friends and family members. When you get a positive response, you can introduce it to your app. However, the most important thing is to receive feedback from your friends and family members, and tune in the feature as per the feedback. Similarly, you should encourage users to leave feedback in the play store so that you may know about the shortcomings in the app. You ought to remove the shortcomings and add what most of the users are demanding to be in the app. It can be a blog or a change of color or design. You should make the users feel that you are trying to connect with them or engage with them.

Understanding the users

Understanding the users is necessary but it is usually skipped because it demands time and patience by app developers. The things you should take care of are how the users will navigate the app. You should collect feedback from the users during the beta testing stage.

No redirects

There should be no redirects in the application. A good app should contain anything that a user needs. There is generally no need to redirect them to other pages. If you do that, you are running a bad practice. It is better to remove the redirect option and rely on lesser options than wasting the time of users. You need to concentrate on the perfection of your apps so that you don’t have to seek support from other channels.

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