Why Should You Check Out Honor’s Latest Offer?


Honor is totally on the get-go in welcoming our students for the new school year. The company is more than willing to collaborate with the students to aid them with their studies and achieve their educational goals.

This year, the Honor Back to School 2020 offers amazing discounts, deals, freebies, and lots of surprises in store. Here are the reasons why you should check out their latest offering.

You’ll get highly discounted gadgets.

Honor is currently offering discounted gadget deals that you can’t surely miss for this school season. Prices dropped for over 50%, offering the most affordable deals to date without compromising its products’ quality. These discounts are only available for a limited time, and you definitely should take advantage of it. With bigger savings, you can spend that money on other supplies that you will need in school.

They offer awesome bundles in one.

With the back to school sale, Honor provides an extensive bundle offering for the school year. You can get Honor’s 15-inch MagicBook that comes with a Bluetooth mouse and a Bluetooth earphone for only £499.99! Or if you need a smartphone, they also have a bundle, for example, with Honor 20 Lite smartphone, and you’ll get a free Honor earphone or an Honor MagicWatch, maybe for only £169.99. Without spending that much, you’ll get more than just one item for their bundle deals.

They also offer free gift vouchers.

As long as you’re signed up with a Huawei ID account and subscribed to their latest weekly newsletter, Honor will allow you to win gift vouchers for up to £50. This voucher can be used for any Honor featured product for the back to school deals. The vouchers will lessen your payment upon check out on top of the discounted rate of the product. That’s a discount on discount for just one purchase!

All products are on sale right now.

From MagicBooks, MagicWatch, and Smartphones, Honor has it all. They dropped prices for all of their products, even the newly released gadgets, such as the Honor 9X, which only costs £199.99 with freebies and other benefits! You’ve got more gadgets to choose from depending on your need for this school season. Rest assured, it will all be worth it and worth spending.

Limited free delivery offer

When you purchase Honor products above £39.99, you will get a free shipping fee with your order. The delivery is also fast and efficient and gets to you of no more than two days of waiting. That’s an absolutely perfect way to shop online safely and efficiently. Honor offers a free 31-day return whenever you experience an unprecedented problem with the item that you ordered. That’s optimum customer service at its finest.

If you want to learn more about Honor’s exclusive, limited back to school offering this year, visit Honor’s official website. You can also visit Honor’s nearby accredited stores to check discounted gadgets in person. No doubt, this school year will be more fun with Honor.

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